Dinner Date Private Chef New York


Dinner Date

Our Dinner Date service offers family style, mix & match meals. With every Dinner Date you schedule, our chef plans a custom menu, shops for ingredients, cooks in your kitchen and cleans up.  She will make 5 dishes based on your flavor preferences - a mix of proteins, vegetables, & grains.  Food is stored in your containers in the fridge, labeled with reheating instructions.  You simply choose which meal you'd like to eat when you get home, heat it up and enjoy! 

  • Sample Menu

  • One Dinner Date yields = 5 dishes (2 mains/proteins + 3 sides)

  • Each dish serves 4

  • All food is cooked in your kitchen, stored and labeled with reheat instructions

  • Custom menus created for each Dinner Date

  • NYS sales tax applicable


Cancellation Policy: Dinner Date Service: Peppered Moon does not refund or provide credit for cancelled “Dinner Dates” unless we receive an email notice from you more than 5 business days prior to the scheduled Dinner Date.  Please note that a $175 cancellation fee plus the cost of any ingredients or items purchased for this Dinner Date by Peppered Moon will be charged to your credit card.